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eBook formatting is a pain

And often it can become really frustrating. You not only need to take into consideration the different devices available on the market, but also the retailer requirements, which in many cases ask for a specific format for their specific device.

You need to make sure you have a quality format by testing it in different devices, see how your book looks on each, fix any issues you see, export, then test again. While accepting that each device has its own limitations, either in compatibility or features.

Some people give up midway (or worse, don’t think about this at all) and try to upload the file as it is. You might not even know when your formatting is bad until it’s too late and the damage is done.

Don’t get bad reviews you can avoid!

You can’t review the content and the formatting of the eBook separately, and if you don’t do it right people will leave bad reviews, and it will impact your sales.

There are millions of potential readers around the world for you

Upload your book in minutes and reach them easier than ever before

  • No more rejected submissions
  • No more bad reviews due to bad formatting
  • No more lost sales due to those bad reviews

Delight your readers

  • Offer the perfect format for their device
  • Give them full control of their reading experience
  • Let them navigate throughout your book easily
  • Impress them with features only possible in eBooks

Services provided


Recommended book categories

  • Novels
  • Memoirs
  • Any text heavy book

Fixed layout

Recommended book categories

  • Children’s books
  • Cookbooks
  • Any image heavy book

Getting started

How does it work?

  1. You place your order
  2. You send the files
  3. I convert your manuscript and send you a sample
  4. You request any needed changes
  5. I send you another sample with the updated changes
  6. You approve the sample
  7. I send you the final file

Accepted formats


  • MS Word
  • RTF
  • OpenOffice
  • InDesign
  • PDF
  • HTML
  • Pages

Cover image

  • Must be 300 dpi

Other images

  • PNG
  • GIF


Reflowable eBooks
Word count Price (USD)
Up to 10,000 words $49
Up to 50,000 words $70
Up to 100,000 words $99
Fixed layout eBooks
Number of pages Price (USD)
Up to 32 $249
Up to 64 $480
Up to 128 $520 plus $3 per page

A 50% deposit is required in advance, with the balance to be paid on final approval. For projects $150 or less a 100% upfront deposit is required.

Why choose me?

  • Keep 100% of your royalties
  • Keep 100% of your rights
  • No hidden charges
  • No pre-formatting required
  • No software to download
  • No manuals to read


How much time does the conversion take?
Depending on the complexity, reflowable eBooks can take up to 72 hours. Fixed-layout eBooks take around 5 days.
Which formats do you accept?
I work mainly with manuscripts in the following formats: Word, Pages, Open Office, PDF, RTF. You can see the full list on the accepted formats section.
What is included in the eBook formatting?
  • Linked and navigable Table of Contents
  • Clickable links (websites, emails, footlinks)
  • Font styles (bold, italics, underline, etc.)
  • Front and/or back matter (title page, copyright, author page, etc.)
  • Properly resized cover and interior images
  • Cleaning of source document (styling inconsistencies, random fonts, anything that can cause issues with publishers)
  • Running headers

Some of these features depend on the eBook format.

How much do you charge?
Prices for reflowable eBooks start at $49. For fixed-layout prices start at $249. See the pricing table for more information.
What payment methods do you accept?
You can make your payment via PayPal, cheque or bank transfer.
Do you offer eBook conversion services in languages other than English?
Yes, services are also available in Spanish.